Loving nature is one of the greatest things on this planet. So, we are cheering for all the people out there who love keeping houseplants in their balcony area or backyard. 

It is true that you can perfectly take care of your plants at your home though what if you are moving somewhere else? Have you thought about transporting plants when moving home

Uh, we must tell you that moving your precious houseplants to a new address is a very complicating chore to do without any professional help. 

Therefore, American Twin Mover is here to shift your delicate plants without any damage. We are experts in moving small planters, large palms, cemented pots, and many more.

Now, we are going to make you understand the concept of the proper steps for moving plants. It ensures that you will not certainly end up damaging them. So, let’s start looking at the guide to move your plants smoothly with or without movers and packers.

Smooth the way of your plants

The suggestions required you to prepare your plants a few weeks before the moving day. For this, you just have to remove all the dead leaves and branches plus eliminate dust, pests, and weeds.

Bless your plants with the right amount of water

Your plants in summer days demand water even on the moving day. Therefore, try to water them before putting them in the vehicle. 

On the other hand, stopping watering your plants a few days before moving in the winters. So, you should keep the soil dry on a moving day. 

Note: Plants become azoic with the combinations of Cold and wet or hot and dry. 

The right way to pack the plants

It is obvious that most people pack their plants like other goods. However, this is the biggest mistake they ever did. Know that, plants require fresh and clean air to stay alive. Therefore, we advise you to move your plants without harshly packing them. Transport them safely in the vehicle with trusted movers and packers.

People sometimes ask do movers and packers take plants?

We would like to inform you that American Twin Mover has been helping people move their plants safely to the new place for years. 

Tips for moving small and big plants

Small Plants

If you have beautiful small plants in your sweet garden, we advise you to carry them in cardboard boxes or wine glass boxes to stable their position. Moreover, use big boxes with extra space in case you are having slightly larger than small ones. 

Do not cover them from the upper side and let them breathe the fresh air. 

Will professional movers move plants?

If this question running into your mind, we must tell you that you can always get professional help for your beautiful plants. 

Big Plants 

If you are relocating yourself with large plants, it would be best to hire the trusted movers and packers to keep them safe.

How do movers move large plants?

Usually, they cover the base of plants with the old sheets. This kind of wrapping will keep the soil remain at the same place throughout the long journey.

Moving plants with professional packers and movers

Can we shift plants from one place to another?

We know you can give your best to keep your lovely plants safe during the relocation. But the truth is that no matter how much you put in the effort, they are still at risk of facing ruin. Thus, there are professional plant movers to help you ship them without any detriment.

There are so many things that the professional team knows and deals with. They know all the methods to transport plants when moving home. 

For example, movers and packers use plastic bags for the plant’s base to keep the soil safe. 

Final Words

If you handle your plants with care, they will stay safe throughout the shifting process. We hope you understood about the plants shifting and the problems that might occur. 

We recommend- take advantage of professional help and enjoy the safest and smoothest relocation in Maryland.

Call American Twin Mover today and know how the plants’ relocation works!