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  • Industry leader with over 45 years’ combined experience

We consider ourselves as the THOUGHT LEADERS of our industry in THE USA; we are a trusted source of our partners, clients and competitors who inspire to replicate our success.

  • Specialist International Mover

Being INTERNATIONAL MOVER only specialist international mover, our beginnings were international moving and today this is still all we do.

  • Tailored solutions and worldwide partners network

Our ability to tailor your move based on your requirements with our worldwide network of long term quality partners sets us apart from the rest.

  • Our people are our brand

We are 100% privately owned and operated by two American partners.

  • 100% American Privately Owned

We are 100% privately owned and operated by two American partners.

  • FIDI accredited agents worlwide / FIDI academy staff training and awards

FIDI is the only global accreditation of professional international moving and relocation companies, specializing in moving household goods and personal effects according to the best quality standards. It is the most rigorous and ‘only’ quality certification programme dedicated exclusively to the international moving industry.

  • Quality packaging, materials and environmentally friendly

At ATM we source only the best, our National operations manager with 25 years in the industry accepts nothing but the best, quality and environmentally friendly is his priority, our claims and environment impact speak for themselves.

  • A culture built on collaboration, transparency and innovation

Our team is built on teamwork, being honest and transparent with our clients, all whilst developing our innovative side and staying one step ahead with our technology.

  • Global mobility specialists / Dedicated Global Mobility Team

We are a specialist in the field of global workforce mobility; we are committed to ongoing education to grow our expertise. We believe so much in growing our expertise we have dedicated a team towards it.

  • Internal insurance claims process

We will look after you right to the finish. We manage our own claims, even though our low claims ratio speaks for itself. Should there be a need in the event of a claim we will guide you through the process with our own internal qualified team, you are in the safest hands in the industry. We won’t palm you off to an insurance company; ATM is there until you are settled.


When an ATM World Wide Movers consultant visits your residence, they will discuss your move requirements with you to determine the best approach to take regarding your specific moving needs.
Our experience in the industry is unparalleled and ATM World Wide Movers has over 45 years of combined international moving experience.
Moving consultants will evaluate your needs and review options available to you including;
– Move Planning (Coordinating the key packing and loading dates, to align with your departure and arrival dates at your new destination)
– Estimating the total volume of your items to be moved (an accurate assessment of your volume requirements is vital to getting the most accurate quote for your move).
If you would like to provide us with your own assessment of your items to be moved, please refer to our Online Quote system, or contact our office and one of our move consultants will contact you when we have received and reviewed your assessment

How are my belongings moved by sea freight?
Most overseas moves are conducted through shipping in sea freight containers. Depending on the size of the move and the speed with which the move items are to arrive at your destination.

There are two main sizes of shipping containers that you can consider, 20 foot which holds approximately 30 cubic meters (average 3 bedroom home), and 40 foot which holds approximately 60 cubic meters (average 4-5 bedroom home).
There are a number of container usage options available when moving personal effects via Sea Freight;

Full Container Load – FCL

If you require a Full Container Load to yourself then you will use the FCL method which allows for direct shipping of your goods in your own dedicated container.


Allows you to share the cost of a container with other people moving personal effects to the same destination which is in a high volume area.

Less than Container Load – LCL

Less than Container Load method allows you to send smaller shipments to low volume destinations that don’t have regular groupage services, by co-loading with commercial cargo shared containers subject to suitable protection, e.g. crating.

If you are seeking a faster moving method then why not try moving by air freight.

How fast can I move overseas?

If you require your personal effects to be delivered sooner than it would be possible via Sea Freight, then Air Freight is an option (although obviously more expensive).

Air freight is the quickest method of sending your goods overseas by far, usually taking 7-10 days on a full door to door move basis.

Moving some items by air freight is ideal for those items you will require immediately at destination, allowing the remainder of your items to be sent by traditional shipping methods.

Airlines charge on weight basis calculated from either the actual weight of the shipment, or a minimum weight calculated on a set weight to volume scale (which is 167kgs per cubic meter).

Moving by airfreight is also ideal if you have a low volume or light weight shipment, with items that are important to your daily life and are needed pretty much as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Although moving overseas by air freight is quick and efficient, it can amount to a more costly move. If you wish to save some cash then why not try moving overseas by sea fright.

ATM World Wide Movers provides a high quality motor vehicle shipment service, which ensures the highest level of protection for your car during the international moving process.
Depending on the age and value of your vehicle and your intended destination, it may be advisable to sell your car prior to moving. When moving cars overseas they are some things that you have to take into account. Some countries have stringent environmental requirements based on the vehicles age and distance travelled, while other countries impose import duties and other charges when importing any type of vehicle. Speak to us during your in home consultation service or over the phone.
Regulations differ from one country to the next, so it is always best to discuss any vehicle shipping requirements with your ATM Relocation Coordinator as early as possible. They will then determine if it is possible and more importantly if it is an economical option for you to ship your car to the destination country.
How do I move my piano overseas?

Piano’s require extra special attention and we don’t take any chances with them. We utilize only the very best piano carriers in the world.

Moving a piano overseas is generally not an issue, however some older piano’s or antique piano’s can have ivory keys that will attract the attention of Customs when the shipment arrives at the destination.

To avoid any problems, it is wise to advise us if you are unsure of the background of the piano, or other musical instrument for that matter that was not newly purchased in the last few years.

When moving wine overseas, ATM World Wide Movers use foam padding to securely store bottles of wine and spirits during the moving process. This ensures your valuable wine collection will arrive in the condition in which it left.

In some countries there are strict rules regarding the importation of Alcohol, both from an import charge perspective, and also in some countries you require a permit to consume or store alcohol in any form.

If you are moving wine overseas, taxes and import duty applies to alcohol, and some countries prohibit alcohol altogether, so please check with your country of destination customs officials to see if the wine (or any other alcohol) you are intending to ship will be accepted at your destination, and if so what local import charges may be applied.

How do I move antiques and artwork overseas?
Moving fine art and antiques overseas is a delicate process. At ATM World Wide Movers we specialize in international moving of fragile personal items including fine art and antique furniture. Feel free to contact one of our move consultants to ask about your unique situation so that we can tailor a trouble free move for your valued items.
What if my artwork or antique is made from timber, bamboo or other related products?

The Department of Agriculture and Water Materials have a Biosecurity Import Conditions System (BICON) that outlines what is required to comply with the import and export of all imported timber, wooden articles, bamboo and related products (whether for commercial or personal use). It is the responsibility of importers to ensure that their products meet the import conditions. ATM World Wide Movers can assist you with ensuring your artwork and antiques meet the import conditions to avoid delays, additional costs, and, in some cases, the re-export or destruction of your goods.

How is my artwork or antique protected from damage?

Our crates and containers are lined with the required protective materials to ensure your artwork or antiques are carefully packed and protected from damage. We utilize polyethylene and polyurethane foams depending on the nature of the items being packed according to density, shock absorption vibration etc.

Can I pack my own artwork or antiques when moving overseas?

Incorrect packing, or the use of the wrong cushioning agents could potentially do more harm than good to your precious antiques. At ATM World Wide Movers, we determine the specific packing and cushioning requirements with relation to spacing, cushioning materials etc to protect your items. It is strongly recommended that you contact one of our experienced ATM packing experts before you begin packing and planning your move.

A word of warning regarding content of artwork (especially images, paintings and sculptures)

Photographs, Movies, Magazines and even artwork or paintings that are legally available and acceptable in one country, may be regarded as pornographic and prohibited in another.

Can I take my guns with me when I move overseas (real and ornamental) ?

Moving firearms or weapons of any kind can be problematic, even if the items in question have been decommissioned and are approved in your country of origin. What you regard as a decorative antique might be considered an offensive weapon in another country. Should you have any concerns about items you are planning to move, it is best to consult an ATM Relocation Coordinator prior to shipping to prevent a potential weapon of any kind (eg firearm/dagger knife etc) from stopping an otherwise problem-free move or relocation.

FIDI Accredited International Mover
FIDI is the largest global alliance of independent quality international removal companies. FAIM is the only quality system developed for international moving companies. FAIM was developed exclusively by FIDI, the leading international moving industry association based in Brussels. All of its affiliates are FAIM accredited.

For information on any aspect of international moving contact FIDI. Based in Brussels, FIDI has a multi-lingual staff providing a wide range of financial, training and communication services to its members. It is supported by all the leading moving associations in the world. Lots of international moving companies claim quality – but only FAIM proves it. FAIM covers every aspect of an international moving company. This includes financial status, environmental policy, staff training and management processes.

It is totally independent – every moving company has an on-site compliance procedure carried out by a consultant from outside its country.

For moving companies that aspire to the maximum quality levels, FAIM/ISO provides the highest certification standard available in the world.

FAIM certification is demanded by more government and corporate buyers as a pre-requisite to tender for international shipping or moving of personal effects overseas.

FAIM accreditation is issued by FIDI (Federation Internationals des Demenageurs Internationaux – The International Association of International Movers) and is independently monitored and awarded globally by ‘Ernst & Young’ based in Brussels Belgium.

At ATM we are continually monitored as are all other FIDI – FAIM accredited movers with full quality rating audits conducted every two years. These audits are also independently conducted by ‘Ernst & Young’ to ensure premium industry benchmark levels are guaranteed to be maintained. Only a selective few companies in the international moving field have achieved FAIM accreditation.

FAIM embraces every aspect of an international moving business including:

– Financial security
– Customer service excellence
– Employee quality and training
– High standard facilities
– Internal quality controls

In today’s world a company does not survive, grow or prosper unless it offers a value for money quality product, but more importantly that it is provided consistently over time.

The perception of quality is constantly changing as the level of client expectation changes.

At ATM World Wide Movers we are keenly aware of these changes and as such we strive to remain at the leading edge of quality and development in our field.


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